about Sara Vilardo

Interview ” Il Fatto Quotidiano” 30.10.2012



Sara Vilardo (born in Milan, Italy) started in 2005 to work in Italy as an actress for different theatre companies (between others Compagnia Teatro Libero, Compagnia Dionisi), specializing in physical theatre.

In 2009 she moved to Belgium, where she played during the years so far, as actress/performer for companies/artists such as Rodrigo Garcia, Davis Freeman, Ensamble Leporello, Company Henry and co., Frederique Lecompte, Verenidge Planeten, Lundahl&Seitl, Tino Sehgal, Cie Willy Dorner….

In the meanwhile in 2010 she graduated in “APASS”, a Postgraduate Master in “APT – Advanced Performance Training” (Posthogeschool voor Podiumkunsten vzw, Belgium).
For her end-presentation project in Apt (titled “Turning my living room into a theatre and myself into an actor, desperately seeking to have an audience”), she worked with four dancers concerning the alienation of the body and identity on internet .
After that, she started to work as well as a theather maker, being selected for different artistic residencies (such as nOna, Stuk, Bains Connective, WorkSpaceBrussel, Kaaistudios, Les Brigittine…)

In 2011 she created, together with another Italian performer, Chiara Bersani “Le mie parole sono uomini/My words, they are men” (with the support of kc nOna and Festival Bassano del Grappa-B-Motion – BE/IT) and together with another dutch performer, Nele Vereecken, a children piece on the theme of death, called “Alfred(d)o” (with the support of kc fABULEUS, VIllanella, Sceld’apen, the Flemish Government, the City of Brussel – BE).

In 2012 she co-directed, together with Dominique Willaert, “De Gedroomde Stad” production Victoria Deluxe vzw, that was also played inthe Enter Festival 2012 (BE).
She worked, together with SoundLab, Rits and Theatre de la Libertè, on the making and playing of the perfeomance “Identity (?)”, in the Museum du Cinquantenaire, for the Museum Night Fever 2012.
In 2012 she also created, together with Soetkin Demey, a new performance titled “I’m looking for the face I had before the world was made”, adressing the theme of identity and gender by the use of the gaze as a central element . The performance was presented in the frame of WorkingTitleFestival # 5, WorkSpaceBrussel (with the financial support of the Flemish Community, residency in De Werf,Kaaistudio, Bain Connective – BE).

In 2013 she was asked by Victoria Deluxe vzw (BE) to create and direct a performance titled “Misschien zal ik toch blijven” with twenty-three women actresses on stage, based on real interviews of stories of women.

In 2014 she mainly worked as a co-creating performer in the creation of the performance “Phoenix”, production Wunderland/BoraBora/LisLab Performing Art, Aarhus, (DK) and as co-creating performer for the performance“SOUP”, production LisLabPerformongArt/perCORPI VISIONARI/Teatro Coccia (IT)


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