Sara Vilardo

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Sara Vilardo is a performer, a theater-maker and a yoga teacher. She was born in Milan,Italy and lives in Brussels, and has projects in Belgium, Denmark and Italy. She did performance studies in Italy, and holds a Postgraduate degree in ‘Advance Performance and Scenography Training’ (APASS, Belgium, 2010) and a Master in “Stage Performance and Visual Culture” (University of Castilla La Mancha, Madrid in collaboration with the Reina Sofia Museum, in 2017).

She has collaborated with various artists internationally and she is also the dramaturge of her own shows.

The main theme of her work has been the condition of women and the gaze of society on the female body in the contemporary Western world, with the works: Le mie parole sono uomini,My words, they are men, (Bersani/ Vilardo, 2011 / BE EN – I’m looking for the face I had before the world was made (Demey/Vilardo,2012/BE),Shewee, Fountain of freedom, (2013 BE),Misschien zal ik toch blijven, (2013 / BE).

Over the years she has specialized in the creation of performative interactive projects, site and human specific and in collaboration with several international companies, including Wunderland (DK), Lis Lab Performing Art (IT), Sisters Hope (DK), Cie Willy Dorner (A) Pleiades Art Production (IT), Vereningde Planeten (BE), Lundhal & Seithl (S).

Drawing – Sonja Winckelmann Thomsen
Published in: “Jeg tegner i aften”